Salad Spinner Reviews – Keep your Salads Yummy!

Hello and welcome to the wonderfully crisp and clean world of salad spinners. I never thought it could be so much fun to write and share information about a kitchen accessory like a salad spinner, and if you had told me 5 years ago that I would have a website solely devoted to reviewing them, I would have laughed in your face, lol. In the last 4 years, however, I have been on a life-changing weight loss journey and my diet has been a large part of that journey. When I just started out I really understood that I couldn’t keep eating the way I was and expect to lose the weight. I had to find new and creative ways to make my diet healthier and, believe it or not, salad spinners quickly became one of my most used kitchen tools!

The rest, as they say, is history. I started to eat healthier, fell in love with salads, and am now on a mission to share with the world what I know about these handy little tools. Just in case you were wondering, I have lost a total of 84 pounds to date and no, salads are not the only thing I eat, nor are they the only thing I used to help me on my journey (that would be a whole other website). But salads did play a significant role and I am happy to share with you what I know, in the hope that I can help other people discover just how fun and easy salads can be.

Cream of the Crop Reviews

OK, that was more than enough about me. Let’s get straight into my reviews for the “cream of the crop” salad spinners; hopefully you will find the perfect one for you among them.

Best Salad Spinner Overall – Premium Kuisiware OneSpin

Kuisiware OneSpin

This large spinner is stylish, elegant and one of the most raved-about salad spinners on the market. It is made from food safe BPA-free materials and converts to a container that you can use to both serve and store your salads. I selected this one to be the best overall because it has a lot going for it; it is attractive, easy to use, easy to clean, and durable. You may have to pay just a little more than what you would expect to pay for a regular spinner, but this is such a great device, I think it is worth it.

Paddle Away

This salad spinner from Kuisiware uses a paddle mechanism to get your veggies and fruits dry. The paddle allows you to dry even very fragile fruits like strawberries without causing them damage. You only have to use one hand to perform the spinning operation with the paddle, which makes this the perfect spinner for persons who may have joint issues. The bottom of the bowl has a non-slip silicone based that keeps it in place and prevents it from slipping.

Get ready For a “Tastegasm”

I can’t take credit for creating the word “tastegasm” but it sure sounds good, or doesn’t it? Anyway, the manufacturers of the Kuisiware OneSpin promise that the salads you make using this salad spinner will be so healthy, crisp, and delicious that your taste buds will have a tastegasm. The glowing reviews from users suggest that this is absolutely true, and with an ironclad, 100% money-back guarantee you will have 60 days to decide if they are right; if you think they are wrong, you can get a refund.

Best Steel Spinner – OXO’s Steel Salad Spinner

OXO's Steel Salad Spinner

I used to think all salad spinners were made of plastic, or a combination of glass and plastic, but as I did my research for this website I found that there are actually a select few manufacturers who make steel versions. Of all the available steel spinners I found, the OXO Steel Salad Spinner is best because it is so easy to use and it has such a large capacity (just over 6 quarts). If you are looking to shake things up a bit from the regular plastic/glass spinners, this stainless steel one from OXO is a great option.

Stainless Steel

This material is known to afford many advantages in kitchen accessories, and its durability is one of the most recognized of these advantages. Stainless steel is strong, and in most situations it will be able to last for years. The stainless steel design of this salad spinner looks very good and will surely blend in well with the decor in kitchens that also have stainless steel appliances. The OXO is also very easy to clean; it is completely microwave safe and BPA free.

Innovative Salad Drying

Achieving the perfect crisp and dry salad has never been easier than with the OXO Steel Salad Spinner. The device uses an innovative pump technology (which is patented) to spin your veggies in one direction at a very high RPM, resulting in salads that are super crisp every time. Unlike most other spinners, operating this one can be done with the use of only one hand, and there is a convenient brake button that you can use to safely stop the spinning at any time.

Most Useful Combination Spinner – UH-SM183 Salad Spinner with Chopper

UH-SM183 Salad Spinner with Chopper

People who enjoy eating salads will be able to benefit the most from a combination spinner, which has different functions to make preparing your salad that much easier. It has everything you will need to prep veggies for your favorite salads and then some, and this is why I chose it as the best combination spinner available on the market today.

Mix It Up!

There are three different interchangeable tops that you can use with this spinner. They all come included with your purchase and each has its own specific function: there is the serrated tomato slicer that you can use to get nice, uniform cuts on your juicy tomatoes; the mini chop you can use on veggies that you need to be finely chopped, like onions; the large chop for veggies that you want to be larger. Easily switch the blade on top of the spinner to the one that you want for the vegetable that you are using, mix them all up, and voila! You have a tasty salad (hopefully) that is in bowl and ready to serve!

Additional Pieces

Apart from the 3 different blades, you will also receive a lettuce knife and an air-tight storage lid with this salad spinner. You will therefore not only be able to use this device to spin your salads, but you will also be able to use it to serve your salads and to store any leftovers securely as well. With so many accessories, you should never have to make another boring salad. Choose some of your favorite veggies, chop some with the large chop, julienne some, dice some, spin your lettuce, mix it all up and yum! Enjoy your gourmet, homemade salad.

Best Value-for-Money Salad Spinner – OXO Good Grips Green

OXO Good Grips Green

If you know anything about salad spinners then you probably recognize the OXO brand. They are well-known manufacturers and they put in a lot of effort to make sure that their products perform to the highest standards. Whatever they are doing seems to be working as, of all the salad spinners that I reviewed, I found the OXO Good Grips Green to have the best value. It may not be the cheapest, but you do get a lot for your money. This spinner was designed so that it addresses all the issues that regular spinners have, like producing soggy lettuce or wobbling during use, so it’s no wonder that it is a crowd favorite as well.

Look Ma – One Hand!

One solution that the OXO Good Grips presents concerns the issue of having to use both hands. With most salad spinners it is typical for you to have to use both hands when you operate them – one hand to do the actual spinning and the other to hold down the device so that it doesn’t wobble off and spill its contents. This device resolves the issue by using a patented pump mechanism to do the spinning. This pump mechanism is operated at the press of a button and you can easily do that with one hand. There is no need to use your other hand to hold the machine down, as the bottom of the bowl has a non-slip ring on it that helps to keep it steady and in place.

Very Crisp Lettuce

Many salad spinners end up giving you wet, soggy lettuce that you will mostly likely have to manually dry with a paper towel before you can present it at your dinner table. This is just no good and basically defeats the purpose of using a salad spinner in the first place. With this device you don’t need to spend all that extra time drying your lettuce, and it spins at a very high RPM so your lettuce will come out nice; dry and crisp – without you having to do any additional work.

Best Design Salad Spinner – Culina 5-Quart Space Saver

Culina 5-Quart Space Saver

I just love it when the tools and accessories that I have in my kitchen blend in well or accentuate my decor. I am a sucker for things that are visually appealing, and when I first saw the Culina, its cute and unique design immediately caught my eye. What makes it even better is that it is also very spacious and multi-functional. Let’s take a look at some of the stand-out features on this adorable salad spinner.

So Many Uses

This is truly a multi-functional device! Apart from being a salad spinner it also has a detachable slotted section that can be used as a colander for straining pasta, fruits, or veggies. The bowl section of the spinner is clear and attractive so it would make a great party or fruit bowl. You could use it when you are doing other kinds of food preparation or to just hold your snacks – the possibilities are numerous.

Clean Eating

We all know that we should eat more veggies, but how many of us are making sure that our veggies are properly cleaned before we eat them? Today when so many chemicals are used on crops it is more important than ever for us to thoroughly wash or fruits and veggies to get rid of all the unwanted residue that can linger on them. Salad spinners like the Culina Space Saver really help to make sure that your salads are clean. You should rinse your veggies before you put them into the spinner. As this model has a clear outer bowl, you will be able to see if there is any leftover dirt or residue during the spinning process.

Best Budget Salad Spinner – Ikea 601.486.78 Tokig

Ikea 601.486.78 Tokig

Salad spinners were once considered a luxury item that only the wealthy could afford to have in their kitchens, but today they are widely used in kitchens everywhere; you can even find some very affordable models like the Ikea Tokig that won’t cause you to have to remortgage your house. Even though a product is affordable you still want it to function, and function well. Fortunately, this little number from Ikea does just that, and this is why I chose it to be the best budget spinner.

Easy Peasy!

You could probably teach your pet monkey (assuming you have one) how to use this salad spinner, it’s so easy. All you have to do is thoroughly rinse your veggies, place them in the spinner, hold the device down with one hand, and start spinning with the other. Sure, it also requires a little elbow grease to do the actual spinning, but think about all the extra calories that you will be burning! Most fancy spinners do not have this calorie-burning advantage, and with such an affordable price how can you really complain?

Versatile and Durable

The inner section of this salad spinner can be used as a colander and the outer bowl can be very useful for several applications in your kitchen; you will get quite a lot of functionality out of this device despite its low price. You should also be able to keep it in your kitchen for a very long time, as well, because it is made of a very durable polypropylene and synthetic rubber. No chance of this one breaking – if you trip and drop it when you are heading to the dining table with it, you would have to try very hard to make a dent in this spinner. My hat’s off to designer Henrik Preutz and to Ikea, which did such a great job of making it available to a wider audience.

Best Commercial Spinner – Chef-Master 5-Gallon Salad Dryer

Chef-Master 5-Gallon Salad Drye

Commercial salad spinners are great for restaurants and facilities that serve large amounts of food, but it can also be helpful to have one like the Chef-Master Commercial 5-Gallon Salad Dryer on hand when you are preparing to host a large group of people, for example at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. In cases like this you don’t want to have to do several small batches of salad in your averaged-sized spinner when you could make things so much easier by using one of these 5 gallon salad dryers.

Large Salad Capacity

You will be able to dry up to 6 heads of lettuce at once in this mega salad dryer! That’s a whole lot of lettuce and you will surely save a ton of time if you use one of these when you have to prepare lettuce for a large gathering. Using one of these to dry your lettuce will also improve its taste and help it to last longer. What’s more, lettuce that is properly dried will require less salad dressing (because dressing sticks better when there is no water) so you can save money too! Just fabulous!

Patented Braking System

A common problem with large spinning baskets like these is that after repeated use the gear systems usually break under the pressure that is put on the top of the basket to stop it from moving during the spinning process. The Chef-Master spinner eliminates this problem because it uses an innovative braking system that stops the spinning at the touch of a button; there is no pressure exerted on the gears at all and they will not be prone to braking.

That’s All Folks

Thank you for checking out my “Cream of the Crop” salad spinner reviews! Whether you are looking for a salad spinner for yourself or to purchase one as a gift, one of these should be just the one you are looking for. I really hope that you found the information here to be helpful – that was my main intent, after all. As I sought to live a healthier life and decided to include more salads into my diet, salad spinners have made the transition that much easier.

You may have other reasons for wanting one, but whatever the reason there is no denying that salad spinners can not only improve the taste of your salads, they can also inspire you to create new and interesting salads as well. Now that you know which are the best spinners on the market you can go forth, get one, and enjoy your next yummy homemade salad sooner rather than later!