Collapsible VS Non-Collapsible Salad Spinners

If you’re someone who has countless tools and gadgets in your kitchen, chances are you only have a limited amount of storage space. This means that if you want to buy a salad spinner you may have to struggle to find a place where you can comfortably store it. Fortunately someone (I don’t know who, but I would personally like to give them a huge pat on the back for this ingenious idea) came up with the idea for a collapsible salad spinner as a viable solution to help those who have minimum space in their kitchen.

As the name suggests, these salad spinners can collapse to half their size so that you can store them away in small spaces, or can make it easier for you to carry one around – if you are going on a picnic, for example. However, some people say they are not as efficient as regular salad spinners, and that the extra space that is occupied by the latter is totally worth it. Is this actually true?

It depends. If the manufacturers aren’t too knowledgeable about all the processes and methods involved in the forging of the collapsible salad spinner, chances are the product will end up being inefficient. So if a collapsible spinner is poorly and cheaply made, it will most likely not be as efficient as one that is properly made. You should definitely stay clear of collapsible spinners that have a reputation for performing poorly. Reading user reviews online is a great way to get information on how a collapsible spinner performs before you commit to buying it.

Most of the time, however, the fact that a spinner is collapsible will not negatively affect its performance. In fact, most collapsible salad spinners are just as efficient as the regular ones. It is worth mentioning that collapsible spinners are not usually made of stainless steel. However, this isn’t an impediment in any way, as collapsible salad spinners often use lighter materials like plastic so that they are easier to manipulate and carry around. Furthermore, they will normally have a non-slip base to prevent them from moving when you’re mixing and washing your vegetables.

So should you get a collapsible salad spinner? Well, the only situation where I would definitely recommend a collapsible spinner is if you are really short on space. There is no denying that a salad spinner that can collapse down to a more compact size will allow you to save on storage space in your kitchen. People who live in small apartments or who already have a large collection of gadgets in their kitchen would benefit from the space-saving characteristics of collapsible spinners. If you have enough storage space however, then you really don’t need a spinner that is collapsible, and a regular one will do just fine.

A collapsible salad spinner is a device is that can be immensely useful for those who are seeking a storage-friendly salad spinner. These models are perfect for people who have a small kitchen and want to fit as many objects as they can in their kitchen drawers. If you don’t care that they aren’t made of stainless steel and you have only a small storage space, then maybe you should buy a collapsible salad spinner.