The Start/Stop Spinning Mechanisms on Salad Spinners

Mankind has always focused on creating devices to make our lives easier; that’s why we’ve witnessed so many inventions since we started inhabiting this planet. The salad spinner may not be as revolutionary as the mobile phone, but it is a device that makes it much easier for people to prepare delicious salads without the struggle of having to wash and mix the greens by hand. I, for one, am happy that such a device exists.

Salad spinners come in many varieties but they all use one of a handful of systems to spin your veggies. These systems are meant to make it easier for you to mix the vegetables for your salads and dry them at the same time with out breaking them. The three start/stop systems most commonly used in these spinners are a pull cord system, a pump button system, and an electric system. The type of system on the salad spinner that you want to get may affect its performance as well as your decision to buy and so, to help you with your choice, I will look at how each system functions.

Hand Crank System

Models that use a hand crank system will typically generate speed by using a system of gears. You will be required to manually turn the handle and keeping cranking it in order for the device to spin. This method is not as physically demanding as it sounds, as veggies are not normally very heavy, and so there is not much resistance when you are turning the handle.

Retractable Pull Cord System

I never thought that you could mix up your veggies with the pull of a string, but that is essentially what happens when you use one of the salad spinners that has a pull cord system. The design for this system incorporates a cord into the actual spinner; it triggers the centrifuge function when it is pulled. These retractable pull cords use friction to work; advocates of this start/stop system prefer it because it tends to be gentler, since there is not too much force involved.

Pump And Brake System

There are some salad spinners that use a pump button for mixing. The button is usually located on top of the device; when pressed it will make the basket rotate so that the vegetables spin evenly, mix thoroughly, and get dry. You will need to press the button to start and stop the device, and many of the spinners that use this type of pump system will require you press the pump button repeatedly until the salad is completely mixed. Spinners that keep going on their own after you press the button once will normally have a brake system so you can stop the spinning motion. Pump spinners are the most popular type because they require minimal effort and so are easier to use. I guess salad lovers just prefer the convenience of not having to manually operate the device.

The start/stop system that you should get on your salad spinner will depend on your personal preference. If you don’t mind pulling on a string then a pull cord version will do just fine, and these are usually more affordable as well. If you prefer life on easy street, like most of us, and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for the privilege, then by all means go for the pumping action. Either way you will end up with a yummy salad with ingredients that are nice and crisp.